It’s a queer, trans*, and allied people of color social space.Brownch

We meet up for brunch, we hang out, socialize and get to know each other. Just plain old community building.
No fundraising, no political strategizing (unless you want to). Just a buncha brunchin’ brown queer/trans/allied folks sharing a meal.We intend this to be a by and forpeople of color only gathering.

We understand the important role of white allies in our lives and also hold dearly the special moments (like this) when our POC communities can socialize together.

How did BROWNCH start?

In 2012 Coya White Hat – Artichoker and Alfonso Wenker got a message from their friend Jeremy Rye. Jeremy’s pal Robert Smith III was moving to Minneapolis from Brooklyn, NY. Jeremy wanted to make sure Robert met some other queer people of color. Coya, Alfonso and Robert met for brunch and thought that was pretty cool. Alfonso and Coya chatted after and lamented the lack of social QTPOC space in the Twin Cities. So they decided to start Brownch.

2015 BROWNCH Schedule

Sunday, February 22  | 11:00  - 1:00 – Click here to Register
Sunday, May 31 | 11:00 – 1:00 – Click here to Register
Sunday, September 20 | 11:00 – 1:00 – Click here to Register
Sunday, November 15 | 11:00 – 1:00 – Click here to Register

Are there “rules” for BROWNCH?

Sure, but just a couple…
- Who pays? you’re on your own to cover your food and beverage costs so please bring some form of payment
- Is it open invite? go ahead and invite QTPOCs you know, ask them to RSVP so we can make the right reservation
- Can I promote another event? Coya and Alfonso are committed to keeping it casual. We ask that folks don’t promote other events or groups or use the facebook or live events for promo. Of course, make some new connections, trade info. and follow up later
- Who determines if someone is QTPOC? This is for folks who self-identify. We aren’t about policing bodies. If you’re curious about how someone identifies along race, gender, etc.  lines for purposes of referencing in conversation feel free to ask a respectful question.


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